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The afternoon meeting of the guests of the Harvest Festival

The afternoon meeting of the guests of the Harvest Festival

We attended the Fotoszafot – a photography workshop conducted by Rafal Klimkiewicz, a professional photographer. We could understand the discussion, but if they spoke a bit slower, we could have understood much more. Of course we did not stay until the end of the workshop that had been planned for the entire afternoon, and had to leave in an hour or so, when the participants were rating and selecting photographs of an amateur photography club member. aLter we attended two more presentations, and understood much more then: about the life of Leonardo da Vincu and about Jan van Eyck.

W Hour Meeting

Taking part in Warsaw Uprising memorial meeting, Tychy

Taking part in Warsaw Uprising memorial meeting, Tychy

On August 1, people all over the country commemorate the anniversary of Warsaw Uprising of 1944. We saw an advertisement about the memorial meeting in Bachyński Square and decided to attend it. The meeting was called W Hour. There was a siren at 5 p.m. in many Polish cities in the middle of the meeting reminding the people about the tragic war days.



We were honored to hold a huge Polish flag along with dozens of city residents. The flag was as long as the square itself. There were fireworks, a fire salute and singing of the Polish national anthem. I thought the fireworks could damage the flag, but fortunately there was no problem. The atmosphere was very inspiring and solemn. After the meeting was over, we continued holding the huge long flag to help the event organizers fold it back. Here is my short video of the culmination moment during the W Hour meeting.


Police Festival
It took place in July in front of Mediateka. It was clear that the festival was oriented first of all on children, who were having their summer vacations. There was an exhibition of police equipment and vehicles. We also saw two police horses with police officers.

Invitation to the police festival, Tychy

Invitation to the police festival, Tychy

I have met Sznupek, the police mascot, at last!
ce9b8700-0538-11ed-b5c7-dd1a445d8013.JPGAtteding the Police Festival in Tychy

Atteding the Police Festival in Tychy

cd813d60-0538-11ed-897a-c92d7177cdd4.JPGce0c3f50-0538-11ed-8531-abafe055fc5f.JPGce047720-0538-11ed-95ed-7b7e67ae9e1b.JPGAtteding the Police Festival in Tychy

Atteding the Police Festival in Tychy

Attending the Police Festival in Tychy

Attending the Police Festival in Tychy

No, I was not arrested, only felt what the police van is like.

Animation for kids was a must: a clown making and presenting kids with creative balloons figures, a man blowing long-lasting bubbles that flew far in the sky, free popcorn for kids, etc. Everyone could meet Sznupek, the police mascot.

At the Honey Festival, Tychy

At the Honey Festival, Tychy

We enjoyed visiting the Honey Festival. Who could have thought! There are at least one hundred varieties of honey in Poland.


We followed the city council's program of cultural events and attended the State Fire Service jubilee event that was called Firefighters’ Festival for short.

At the State Fire Service jubilee event, Tychy

At the State Fire Service jubilee event, Tychy

At the State Fire Service jubilee event, Tychy

At the State Fire Service jubilee event, Tychy



We decided to attend the festival dedicated to the 30th anniversary of PSP – the State Fire Service - that took place in Solidarity Square in front of the Labor & Struggle monument.
The events in that square were preceded by a festival drive of firefighters’ trucks including the historic fire truck dating to 1922. The column of rescue vehicles, police and municipal guard vehicles drove along the city streets starting at the headquarters of the State Fire Service and then driving along Independence Avenue, General Stefan “Grot” Rowiecky Street, Education Street and ending at Solidarity Square nicknamed “Under the "Giraffe".

At the firefighters' historical fire truck dating to 1922, Tychy

At the firefighters' historical fire truck dating to 1922, Tychy


There was also a small concert of the Military Orchestra from the nearby city of Bytom in the square.
We observed the demonstration of weapons held by infantry brigade representatives. Many kids were attracted by this demonstration, where they could hold real machine-guns in their hands. There were also educational stations presented by the Central Firefighting Museum in Myslowice, a car simulator, a mobile shooting range, etc. The events were followed by a disco party held by DJ Radla under the motto, “Music of the eighties and nineties, as well as hits of all times”.
Here are some videos from the jubilee event of the State Fire Service in Tychy

Corpus Christi Procession
We also attended the Corpus Christi Procession in June. It was an official public holiday in Poland - a long weekend, from Thursday until Sunday. This feast is known as the Solemnity of the Most Holy Body and Blood of Christ. I had attended such feast in Austria before.
The procession was from Lord's Mercy Church to St.Mary Magdalene Church. It included children dressed in white who scatter flower petals on the streets to welcome Jesus, who is believed to walk the streets with the people during the Corpus Christi processions.

b0726d70-0538-11ed-b5ca-855ce470cec1.JPGb0637950-0538-11ed-8cf5-e3e50e914840.JPGb068a970-0538-11ed-8ff2-79a986fa3288.JPGA station during Corpus Christi Procession, Tychy

A station during Corpus Christi Procession, Tychy

b0f58020-0538-11ed-897a-c92d7177cdd4.JPGb09f49d0-0538-11ed-95ed-7b7e67ae9e1b.JPGb073cd00-0538-11ed-b5c7-dd1a445d8013.JPGSt.Mary Magdalene Church, Tychy, the end station of the Procession

St.Mary Magdalene Church, Tychy, the end station of the Procession

The procession’s participants stopped to pray at four temporary shrines. The temporary prayer shrines were decorated with birch-tree twigs that were torn off for good luck and happiness.


We happened to witness a session of the participants of Latino Dance School, when we were walking around Lake Paprocany on a fine summer day.



Embroidered Shirt Day
Rainbow Estate Culture Club invited all the city residents to celebrate the Embroidered Shirt Day. This festival became very popular in Ukraine. The event was held under the patronage of the City Council of Tychy.


The event included an exhibition of handicrafts of the representatives of the Ukrainian Community and a concert of a Ukrainian band. The residents of the nearby estates could admire the Ukrainian handicrafts during the exhibition, see the show of embroidered shirts, or take part in competitions.The concert of the Chornobryvtsi Band (“Marigolds”) from the neighboring city of Rybnik was the hightlight of the program.


We found out that the Czornobryvtsi team had been established in 2021 wihin the framework of an integration project under the name “The 28th district of Rybnik”. The thing is there are officially 27 districts in Rybnik. Due to the fact that hundreds of Ukrainians are staying in Rybnik, the 28th district was created, which is made up of Ukrainians. At one of the events of the Ukrainian Community, several talented musicians were appointed to sing several songs in Ukrainian. This is how the vocal ensemble of the 28th district under the name Chornobryvtsi began.


The Family Day Festival

The sportsground turned into the festival grounds, Tychy

The sportsground turned into the festival grounds, Tychy

We attended the 16th Metropolitan Family Day at the Christoforos Centre of the parish of Blessed Karolina Kózkówna Church. The event was called a family picnic with artistic performances. There was a gastronomic zone, music games with DJ and competitions for children. We also visited the zoo and saw other attractions such as rotating car. We came in time to the performance of Inga Papkala and Bayer Full Group.

Kids' jumping fun during the Family Day Festival
Alpacas at the contact zoo, Christophoros Center, Tychy

The Metropolitan Family Day is an event that takes place in various cities of the Upper Silesian - Zagłębie Metropolis from May 21 to June 6, 2023. According to the main organizers, they want to look at the family as a safe haven, because it is in the family that we support each other in difficult times, exchange experiences, build a sense of responsibility for ourselves and for other people. The organizers exressed their hope that these beautiful and joyful meetings showed what a precious gift the family was.

Help yourself to some traditional dishes!
Who will resist these appetizing sausages, I wonder?

The idea of the Metropolitan Family Day (MFD) was born during the pilgrimage of local government officials and parliamentarians to Rome in 2007 at the grave of St. John Paul II – the Polish Pope. Their great compatriot was described as the "pope of the family". His pontificate was, after all, a support for the family and the defense of the fundamental values associated with it.

Inside the cafeteria of Christophoros Center, Tychy

Inside the cafeteria of Christophoros Center, Tychy

Inside Christophoros Center, Blessed Caroline Church, Tychy
5a31ac30-fa17-11ed-935e-5d39ff76556b.JPG5b25a920-fa17-11ed-b5d3-736ef2ed082e.JPGKids' playgrounds at the cellar of Christophoros Center, Tychy

Kids' playgrounds at the cellar of Christophoros Center, Tychy


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